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Rug Cleaning in Newark NJ

Rugs are both practical and decorative pieces which make spaces beautiful and more comfortable. However, every rug requires thorough cleaning maintenance to keep it in great shape and to keep it clean, as it is prone to accumulating dust and grime over time. Rug cleaning plays a pivotal role in making sure your rugs stay attractive and hygienic.

Protect your rug investments with professional and efficient rug cleaning services from Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Newark. We offer onsite rug cleaning, as well as free pickup and delivery for offsite cleaning.

Professional Rug Cleaning Solutions

In the past, rug cleaning could be quite a difficult challenge, as it was physically demanding and messy. Luckily, we have much better solutions today. Our Newark professionals use up-to-date rug cleaning technologies that are both effective and protective for excellent cleaning results you can count on. The following methods or techniques may be used by our professional rug cleaning team:

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning is the best solution for how to clean an area rug when its fiber can withstand heat. Steam cleaning uses a machine that pushes hot water into the rug's fibers under high pressure to so that the dirt stuck on the rugs is loosened. The water and the dirt are then suctioned out, leaving the rug cleaned.

Rug Shampooing

Rug shampooing is a technology intended for heavily soiled rugs. It typically has excellent cleaning results and is able to remove even deep down dirt, spots, and odors for a beautifully cleaned and restored area rug.


Encapsulation is one of the most effective and efficient rug cleaning technologies of today. With encapsulation, the synthetic detergent actually attracts the dirt to it from the dirty rug surface and encapsulates it, which will then turn into crystals as it dries out. Once dry, the dirt and crystallized cleaning solution is easily vacuumed out of the rug.

Best Way to Clean a Rug

There are two significant variables in deciding what is the best way to clean a rug. The first one is the type of rug material. If your rugs are made of natural fibers such as cotton or wool, they may require different cleaning solutions than rugs made out of synthetic material, then machine cleaning is the most effective choice.

The second variable in choosing what rug cleaning service should be used is to identify the type of dirt on the rug. If the rug has a small accumulation of dust, services like hot water extraction, hand cleaning, air, and water blasting are the best choice. However, if we are talking about dirt caused by spilled colored drinks or pet urine, opting for immersion and steam cleaning should be considered.

If you are still not sure of the best cleaning method for your rug, getting the opinion of our expert team of rug cleaners will help you make an educated decision. Contact Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Newark, the most trusted rug cleaning service provider in North Jersey. We would be more than happy to assist you in your inquiries.

Cleaning for All Types of Rugs in Newark, NJ

Area rug cleaning service can be considered easier compared to oriental rug cleaning. This is because oriental rugs have more delicate surface fibers that require extra attention.

The methods in oriental and area rug cleaning can be almost the same. However, the significant difference they have in their cleaning process is the type of cleaning product to be used. Oriental rugs are commonly made out of silk, cotton, and wool, which are natural fibers, so using strong cleaning chemicals may damage its color and texture.

Furthermore, in cleaning oriental rugs, doing color fast treatment services are advisable to prevent its color from bleeding. This treatment will also help keep the overall vibrancy of the oriental rug.

If you are going to search for "rug cleaning near me," look no further because Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Newark is here for you. Call 973-498-8887 today and let the best rug cleaners in the area take care of your rugs.

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